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meet alexis neely

“radically new and much needed perspectives on how we make decisions about money, time, work, relationships, parenting & business.”

Alexis Neely (artist name: Ali Shanti) is a bridge between the generations, a catalyst for new ways of thinking, a paradigm-shifter, lawyer, mom, author and permission giver who is bringing forward radically new and much needed perspectives on how we make decisions about money, time, work, relationships, parenting and business.

She graduated first in her class from Georgetown University Law Center (primarily because they dont count any rankings at Georgetown other than #1 and in her earlier years she was very driven by the need to prove herself) and went on to work as an associate at Munger, Tolles & Olson, one of the best law firms in the country. After three years there, with two children under the age of 4 and a stay at home husband, she left the security of the biglaw firm and started her own law practice.

Within just three years, Alexis had built that law practice into a million dollar a year revenue generating law business by inventing a new law business model, which she now teaches to lawyers worldwide.

In addition, Alexis has created a system that guides people to a new relationship with time, money and how they get paid so we can stop putting off our lives until we have financial freedom and step into financial liberation and personal sovereignty now.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Alexis has built four million dollar plus companies and a couple of 6-figure companies as well. Today, she supports others to do the same.

Finally, Alexis is on a personal mission to utilize her formal training and deep experience as an estate planning lawyer, her life and heart path as a Mother, and her soul path as a High Priestess to heal the inter-generational divide that has resulted from poor communication and understanding of money in families.


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