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Most of my work is done through the companies supporting my work, New Law Business Model, Family Wealth Planning Institute, and Eyes Wide Open Life. On occasion, I do work privately with families, entrepreneurs and those moving into entrepreneurship with a big vision.

Here’s what one client had to say about our work together:


I do my best work with people or families who want to invest the time, energy and money to shift the way they relate to themselves, their partners, their children, parents or their relationship with time, money and how they get paid. That could look like any one of the following situations:

  • You are doing work that supports you well, but it’s not your heart work, it doesn’t feed your creative projects and you feel trapped or stuck in some other way;
  • Your practice is full and you are ready to leap to the next level of income, impact and alignment;
  • You have resources that you know you aren’t using as well as they could be and you want objective, new economy guidance;
  • You have a teenager at home who you cannot seem to control and you want to rebuild that connection;
  • You are in a relationship that you want to stay in (you think), but you just cannot figure out why s/he can’t just get on board with the program
  • Your parents are aging and you have no (or limited) communication with them about how they are handling the assets they spent their life working to create and they don’t seem to trust you enough to let you in;
  • You are sensing there’s a part of you that wants to come through, but it feels confusing and contradictory to the life you’ve known so far.

If you are in any of the above situations and believe you would be a candidate for private work with me, complete this application:

Apply to work one-on-one with me

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Alexis Neely Review
“Hi Ali Shanti! Oh my! There has been some major turnarounds since that moment last year. Highlights: I created a win-win partnership where I receive new clients (that I love) on a weekly basis into my mentorship programs. I am almost at capacity for 1on1 and in the process of hiring an assistant. It’s definitely time to focus on leveraging. My income has gone up 500%! And it just keeps getting better. You inspired me and gave me the awareness to really step it up! I am forever grateful. The better it gets, the better it gets.” ~ Sarah Wayne


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