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My life is in service to the great She, our collective Mother, Earth herself. If you had told me I’d be writing this ten years ago, I would have said you were crazy. I had no connection with the Earth, at all.

I grew up in Miami, Florida, a Jewish American Princess (JAP), but not. More of a Trailer Park JAP, really. If you can imagine that.

But even the Trailer Park side of me didn’t feel so connected to the Earth, or Spirit, or anything else for that matter. Sure, I went to camp each summer, but it wasn’t really camping. And I traveled the country with my kids’ dad, camping along the way, but it was less about the land, than it was about the adventure.

It wasn’t until September 2009, when I experienced my first plant medicine journey with Grandmother Ayahuasca that I began to understand my deep connection to all of Life. It was a shocking wake up call to see how much I had been missing for so long by not hearing Her call.

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In October of 2010, when I first experienced the land of Eden Hot Springs I discovered my deep love for and commitment to Her, our planet, Mama Earth.

Shortly after, I went to Peru and our love deepened. Well, my love — She always loved me.

For 15 years (beginning in about 2004, just after launching my first entrepreneurial venture, a law practice), I searched for my purpose. Wondering why I was here and how I could most deeply serve.

I followed my driving ambition to become “successful”, believing it would lead somewhere greater than the fame and fortune I appeared to be seeking, but not entirely sure where.

I built million dollar businesses, mostly because it’s what I was told success meant, but also because I knew the learnings I would receive along the way were what I would need for this great service I was being called into, even before I understood it beyond mere concept.

Today, I understand the greater purpose of it all. I am able to see that my experiences all along have been in service to Her and that She lives within me. I now understand that my Desire (with a big “D”) is the living embodiment of the communication and direction we are all receiving directly from our collective Mother, Earth herself.

While I still don’t see all of the details of how this service will manifest, I know my why and I am guided by it, daily —

I am a conduit for Earth. I envision a reality in which we will once again live in harmony with Her, incorporating the ancient wisdom into our new age. Peace will reign. Clean food, water and energy will be abundant and free. Love will flow.

My life is in service to this. Can you imagine a world that works for everyone? Would you like to bring this reality into existence with me? If so, please watch and share this visual, guided meditation I’ve produced to help us reconnect to this reality and support us to experience Heaven on Earth now.